Stewards of the Land

We are an Estate Farm

Our sister company, BENTLY HERITAGE ESTATE DISTILLERY, exclusively uses our grains and botanicals to create some of the world’s finest spirits. This means that one owner is involved in every part of the operation from planting to malting to bottling.

Grown with Generations in Mind

OBarleys can change drastically from year to year, depending on the soil and other conditions — this may be a desirable feature for seasonal beers and some liquors, but when you distill a generational spirit like whisky, it has to be consis- tent throughout the years. We model crops on a scale of decades to provide distilleries with something that’s both unique to this terroir and dependable. The varieties we grow include Copeland and Metcalfe.

The Malt House

Our malt house processes barley into malt on-site, ensuring that we control each step of the process. Our aim is to produce ingredients that will be treasured for years to come.

We choose barley cultivars on a number of different criteria, but they all share one critical distinction: they make consistently excellent malt. We’ve also chosen to incorporate both old- and new-world methods to craft our malts, using both traditional Scottish floor malting methods as well as state-of-the-art pneumatic malting systems.

We embrace the Scotch tradition practiced by some of the greatest old-world farms, while forging our own path in the burgeoning malting community.

Continuous Quality Control

Every dram of whisky starts with the grain; it’s the building block of every good drink. Our crops live up to the highest standards. We perform visual inspection, sieve testing, moisture analysis, consistency testing, and sensory analysis.

The Greenhouse

We grow botanicals and hops. You can contact us if you are interested in exploring the hops of the area; we sell to both breweries and home distillers.